Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bed making Process

Bed-making is an important part of home nursing for anyone who is confined to bed for some time. A badly-made bed is uncomfortable, and can lead to
pressure sores in the bedridden.
Making an occupied bed:
The trick to making an occupied bed is to make half the bed first, then the other half. Fold clean sheets lengthways to form a crease down the centre, to make centering easy. If there is more than one sheet, remove each one separately. Here is how it is done.
1. Remove all pillows except one.
2. Cross the person's arms and legs in readiness for turning.
3. Move the remaining pillow to the far side of the bed. Turn the

person to his side, with head on the pillow.
4. Roll the dirty sheet to the centre of the bed up against the person's back. Smooth the near half of the mattress cover.
5. Place the clean sheet half rolled up lengthways, against the roll of dirty sheet. Tuck in the two free corners of the clean sheet.
6. Turn the person over the rolls of sheets to lie on his side facing you. Move the pillow over.
7. Go round to the other side of the bed, and pull through and remove the dirty sheet. Smooth the other half of the mattress cover.
8. Unroll the clean sheet and tuck in the remaining two corners. Pull it tight and wrinkle-free.
9. Turn the person onto his back.
10.Change the pillow cases, if necessary. Replace the pillows, and make the person comfortable. 11.Change the top sheet/blanket, if necessary. Tuck the top sheet / blanket loosely, or it may cause pressure sores on the toes or discomfortad to pressure sores in the bedridden.

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