Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hotel Industry

An establishment on which provide food, shelter, and other aminities for the comfort and combinate of the guest with a view to make profit can be called Hotel. The system of modern management and due to the globalization of the world, hotel is absolutely motivated and guided by the technological, sociological, economical, cultural, and political development.
The hotel industry is perhaps one of the oldest commercial endeavours in the world. The lead in hotelkeeping was taken by the emerging nations of Europe, especially Switzerland. It was in Europe that the birth of an organized hotel industry took place in the space of chalete and small hotels which provided a variety of services and were mainly patronished by the aristocracy of the day.
The real growth of the modern hotel industry took place in the USA begining with the opening of City Hotel in New York in 1794. This was the first building specifically erected for hotel purposes. Hence a hotel must provide food and lodging to travellers, on payment and has, in turn the right to refuse if the traveller is drunk, disorderly, unkempt or is not in a position to pay for the services. The development of hotel industry was influenced by the concept of small lodge-house which can developed the hotel industry from the past to present and perhaps, it will continue in the future too.

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