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Cooking is the process of preparing food by applying heat. Cooks select and combine ingredients using a wide range of tools and methods. In the process, the flavor, texture, appearance, and chemical properties of the ingredients can change. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the world, reflecting unique environmental, economic, and cultural traditions.

Method of cooking

1) Roasting;
It is the method of cooking food with the help of fat and heat is known as roasting. There are 3 types of roasting. They are;
a) Spit roasting:
The food to be is brought in direct contact with the flame of a clear bright fire. E.g barbecued chicken, pork chops and steaks.
b) Oven roasting
This is a method of roasting a joint in a closed oven with the help of fat. The joint can be cooked on the bed of a mirepox which imparts flavour to the food and retains its juiciness.
c) Pot roasting:
This method is used to cook small joint in heavy thick pans if the oven is not available. The pan is then covered tightly with a well fitting lid and cooked over a very slow fire.
2) Baking:
The food is cooked by the action of dry heat is modified by the steam which arises from the food whilst cooking. Bread, cakes, pastry, vegetables and potatoes may be cooked by this method.

3) Frying:
This is a method of cooking whereby the cooking food to be cooked is brought into contact with hot fat. There are two types of frying. They are:
a) Shallow frying;
This method is applied to pre-cooked foods which take a very little time to be fully cooked.E.g omlets, liver etc.
b) Deep frying:
The food is completely immersed in hot fat and therefore, a large quantity of fat is required. Deep frying has a special significance in nepalese homes, as it is done for special occasions and ceremonies only.

3) Boiling:
Food is cooked by surrounding by it with boiling or simmering liquid. If well flavour stock is required, vegetables and meat should be put into cold water and always to cook gently. Salted or pickled meats should always be started in cold water.

4) Poaching:
Poaching is cooking slowly in a minimum account of liquid, which should never be allowed to boil but should be just off boil. Fish, fruits and eggs are cooked in this method.

5) Steaming:
The food to be cooked is surrounded by planty of steam from fast boiling water directly or by having the food in a basin or other dish placed in system or boiling water. This is the slow process of cooking and only easily cooked food can be prepared by this method.

6) Stewing:
This is very gentle method of cooking in a closed pan using only a small quantity of liquid. The food should never be more than half covered with the liquid and the food above this level is cooked by steam.

7) Braising:
This is a combined method of rosting and stewing in a pan with a tight fitting lid. Stock or greavy is added which should come to two-third of hte meat to be braised.

8) Grilling:
The food to be grilled is supported on the iron grids over the fire, or on a gird placed in a tin under a gas or electric grill, or between electrically heated grill bars. There are three types of grilling. They are:
a) Grilling over heat
b) Grilling under heat
c) Grilling between heat

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