Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Evolution of Hotel

The evolution of Hotel industry was influenced by the concept of small lodge-house. These refersto the graduall development of the hotel industry from the past to present and perhaps, it will continue in the future too.
The development of the hotel industries can be divided into three phases;
1) Period of evolution before the primitive age;
It is beliefed that inns were originated in 16th century B.C but the real begining of inn in the historygoes back to 12th century.The original inn kepper guild was formed in Florance in 1282A.D. German and English literature in the 13th and 14th century make frequent reference to the inn.Inn keeping was changed into commercial enterprises providing room, food and entertainment for the travellers. And by the 16th century, the concept of hospitality was developed.The real begining of the sami-modern lodging industries may be traed back to 1640A.D.To accomodate the English which sailed daily accross new England and Verginia.
2)Period after the advent of the industrial revolution;
After the industrial revolution in the Europe after 17th century which brought new ideas and progress in the hospitality industries.The business of hotel was closely influened by the development of railways and steam ships in between 1820's to 1830, which made travelling more prominent.The first modern city hotel was opened in the seaport in the NewYork, in 1794A.D consequently inumerous resorts were built in NewYork last skill mountain and jerseys Atlantic costal by 1824A.D.
3) Period after the development of the road and air transport;
In 1950's a road side Motel business was begin in california which was the site of the 1st motel reolution.After World WarII, the expantion of cities all over the world further development in travel and Hote industries. Air travellers encouraged a distinct type of hotel growth in 1950's through 1970's.The business travellers demanded specialized accomodation including meeting and conventional facilities.

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